Skills & Expertise Brought to You by Our Albuquerque Team

It takes more than quality materials to create an attractive, durable webbing product. It takes the right skills and the right team. Marpac Custom provides you the expertise you need for high-quality manufacturing.

Efficiency Expertise

Before the manufacturing of your product begins, the team at Marpac Custom is already working to develop a manufacturing process uniquely suited for your project’s needs. We carefully orchestrate the production of your custom webbing product to provide the best quality products on time!

Technical Expertise

Our technicians do more than maintain our machines (although the value of proper maintenance to efficient operations should not be overlooked). They also offer their expertise in choosing the right thread—and then programming the machines accordingly—to ensure that the stitching on your custom webbing product provides the right strength for its application.

Sewing & Operations Expertise

Our team of seamstresses has more than 100 years of combined experience, and our cutter has over 40 years of experience. In addition to providing the labor it takes to create your products, they can also suggest process improvements to enhance efficiency and quality.

Contact Marpac Custom to work with an experienced team for your contract manufacturing needs.

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