Do not compromise on the quality of your custom webbing product. Choose a contract manufacturer who won’t either.

Our 5 Core Values


Integrity and responsibility, in particular, drive our commitment to quality.

Quality Materials

High-quality finished products start with high-quality materials. We carefully select suppliers of the materials we use to ensure that your custom webbing product delivers superior durability and visual appeal.

Quality-Controlled Process

The manufacturing process of your custom webbing product is carefully engineered to provide maximum efficiency. Yet, we never compromise on quality to make deadlines or budget targets. Our manufacturing process incorporates all industry standards for quality as well as quality assurance checks in areas that are critical-to-quality (CTQ) of the product.

Quality Finished Products

Our manufacturing services deliver the quality finished product you expect. If you are unsatisfied with your finished product, we will make it right.

Contact Marpac Custom for a contract manufacturing partner committed to quality.

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