What to Expect from Marpac Custom

Entrepreneurs and designers need look no further than the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico to find a reliable contract manufacturing partner. Marpac Custom provides the manufacturing capability you need along with unmatched customer service.

Personal Attention

We automate the manufacturing process, not communications. When you call, you will always speak to a live person. When you email, you will receive a timely response…and that’s just to get started.
During your initial consultation, we give you and your idea the full attention you deserve. We often pull members from all of our teams into the meeting so that everyone who will be involved in the manufacturing process gets to know you and can start thinking how they can contribute to making your idea into a reality.


Keeping our clients involved in the manufacturing process. We brainstorm with you to find solutions to any challenges we predict or encounter. We respect your intellectual property and your budget, and our proactive communication reflects that.

We do not make empty promises. We provide realistic completion time estimates and are up-front about costs associated with our services.

Expect the best from Marpac Custom.

Contact us for contract manufacturing services.

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