Marpac Custom has the expertise and manufacturing capacity you need to make that idea a reality. Together we can create your custom webbing products.

Our Services

We have experience working with entrepreneurs and product designers at various stages of product development. When you contact us to schedule an initial consultation, we will help you understand your next steps.

Material Sourcing

We can help you select the right webbing—material type, width, color, etc. — for your product, or you may choose to source their own materials.

Process Engineering
Our process engineer breaks down the entire manufacturing process into small steps to ensure efficient workflow. Built in quality and ergonomic station set-up.

We start every project with a pre-production sample. When you approve the samples,
our skilled team keeps the automated cutters and sewing machines humming to produce the finished products you need for market.

Integrated Quality Control
We ensure that all industry-regulated quality standards are met in our manufacturing process, and we perform QA inspections as necessary to meet your standards.

Before beginning production of your product, we can provide an estimated time to completion. We are always proactive in our communication to let you know if we encounter challenges or delays in the manufacturing process.

Our Commitment to Quality

Every product created by Marpac Custom is of the highest quality. We ensure our quality by starting with quality materials — webbing, hook and loop closures, and thread from reputable manufacturers, most of which are located in the USA! Our expertise and commitment to our manufacturing partnerships ensure that our work is second to none. If you are unsatisfied with your finished webbing products, we will make it right!

Contact Marpac Custom for contract manufacturing services.

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