What We Mean by Partnership

Marpac Custom seeks to create genuine partnerships with our clients. As a partner, you get more than quality production capability. You also get a team with decades of experience in fields ranging from lean manufacturing to processing engineering to sewing.

When you partner with us, we can help you:

Improve your product design
Identify the right materials for your application
Source materials
Manufacture your product with top quality results

Benefits of Partnership with Marpac Custom

Proactive communication 
We know that there is a lot at stake in the manufacture of your custom webbing product. We are always upfront about everything involved in the manufacture process—quality, process steps, cost, time to completion, scheduling challenges, etc.

Our team offers unrivaled expertise in every part of the manufacturing process—from engineering the process itself to quality assurance.

Everyone benefits from quality manufacturing processes, and we are always looking for ways to build quality into your product, and we invite our partners to be part of this process.

Domestic Operations
We manufacture every custom webbing product in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We also try to source most of our materials from domestic suppliers, too. So you can confidently stamp “Made in the USA” on your finished product!

How to Start a Partnership

Just contact us. We will schedule an initial consultation.

Get more than production services.

Get an invested manufacturing partner with Marpac Custom.

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