Automated & Skilled Sewing

Marpac Custom offers unrivaled sewing capability because we combine human expertise with automated sewing.

Benefits of Automated Sewing

Like automated cutting, automated sewing offers our partners significant quality benefits. Automated sewing offers:

Consistent quality—every stitch looks the same from piece to piece
On-time delivery—dependable projections of project completion

Benefits of Our Sewing Expertise

Although most sewing is done by our automated machines, those machines are programmed based on the expertise of our live talent. Our team of seamstresses have more than 100 years of combined experience. They help develop and improve the automated sewing process to ensure a quality finished product.

In addition to our seamstresses, our automated sewing capability is also enhanced by the expertise of our machine technicians who ensure machine set-up is done correctly for individual products.

Types of Sewing Stitches Available

Single needle stitch
Bar tack
Box stitch
X-box stitch

Our team can help you improve your design by recommending stitching types and placement for optimal pull strength and durability.

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Quality automated sewing to produce your custom webbing products.

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