The Benefits of Automated Cutting

Our machine technicians keep our automated cutting machines in peak condition. This results in repeatable process steps that ensure top quality results.

Automated cutting is both time- and cost-efficient.

Types of Cuts Available

Marpac Custom’s automated cutting machines can be programmed to:

► Cut any length of webbing
► Cold cut fabric webbing
► Hot cut synthetic materials, such as nylon and polypropylene, to heat seal edges
► Cut diagonally

Cutting machines leave a clean edge that requires minimal stitching for a finished look.

Experienced Cutters

While the manufacturing process relies on automated cutting, it takes real expertise to know what types of cuts are needed for each product. Our team includes cutters with more than 40 years of experience who program the machines to ensure the proper cut for your custom webbing product.

Experience the benefits of human expertise and automated technology by making Marpac Custom your contract manufacturing partner. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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