The Only Custom Webbing Conversion Manufacturer in the Southwest

With our technology we can expertly manufacture your custom webbing products in our Albuquerque, New Mexico facility.

Manufacturing Materials

We have the capability to work with a wide variety of webbing materials. Our machines can accommodate a wide range of widths, thicknesses and material types. We also use threads that provide the right strength and color for your finished product.

Automated Manufacturing

We offer quality contract manufacturing services because much of our production is automated. Our technology includes programmable sewing machines. Our team includes machine technicians that properly maintain, calibrate and configure our machines as well as professional cutters and seamstresses who advise the process engineer and assist troubleshooting in the event of production bottlenecks or unsatisfactory results.

Contract Manufacturing Partnerships

We would like to partner with you to bring your custom webbing product to market. Find out what to expect from Marpac Custom, and contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Marpac Custom provides automated manufacturing services to offer webbing conversion.

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