Find answers to some of the most common questions about contract manufacturing.

What does it mean to be a “contract manufacturer”?
A contract manufacturer is a manufacturing company that agrees to make your product. The manufacturing company does not claim rights to the product design or seek royalties from its sale.

How long with production take?
A number of factors impact production time, such as:

Type of Product
Material availability
Product quantity

Let us learn more about your product and production requirements.

How much will it cost to manufacture my custom webbing product?
Like production time, production cost is impossible to estimate without knowing more details about your custom webbing product.

Do I supply materials?
Supplying your own materials is one option. Don’t know where to procure materials? We are happy to recommend reputable products and suppliers.

Can Marpac Custom supply webbing?
Yes, we can supply webbing for your product.

Many of your questions will be answered when you meet with our team and start discussing your custom webbing product idea and learning about our manufacturing process.

Contact Marpac Custom to schedule an initial consultation.

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